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A few comments from Aardwolf:

(Friend) Wolfbane: 'Holy Mary Mother to... -That- is the most -evil- and sadistic cat I've ever seen. :p Don't show me pictures like that! Eek!'
05 Aug 01:44 - Wolfbane tells you 'I'm not kidding. This cat is freaky and I hope it lives nowhere near me :p'
05 Aug 01:45 - Wolfbane tells you 'And it's late at night too. Hurrah for nightmares :p'
(Friend) Your Hero, Tir: 'HOLY FUCK'
(Friend) Your Hero, Tir: 'that's evil!'
(Friend) Melpomenic Aeson: '05 Aug 01:48 - Wolfbane tells you 'No! Don't look at the evil kitty!''
(Friend) Melpomenic Aeson: '05 Aug 01:48 - Wolfbane tells you 'It scared my socks off my feet. It's EVIL! :p''
(Friend) Baktosh: 'Ack! Get it off! Get it off!'
(Friend) Melpomenic Aeson: 'That's horrible!'
(Friend) Melpomenic Aeson: 'Saphyre, I just want to believe that cat does not exist - that that picture is doctored, please tell me it's doctored?'
05 Aug 01:52 - Wolfbane tells you 'Melpomenic Aeson tells you 'That's unnatural, I don't want to believe that cat is real 8^)' You tell Melpomenic Aeson 'Lol, I think I'll take that attitude too. *clicks his heels together three times* There's no place like home...''
Converge says 'that *is* scarey'
05 Aug 01:55 - Wolfbane tells you '(Friend) UnStAbLe DayGlow: 'That's what Sox looks like when he starts eating my arm :P''
05 Aug 01:55 - Wolfbane tells you '(Friend) UnStAbLe DayGlow: 'Except.. not so fluffy.''
05 Aug 01:55 - Wolfbane tells you '(Friend) Starling: 'Dayglow: That's what my cat looks like shortly before getting his ass kicked. :P''
05 Aug 02:03 - Converge tells you 'please tell me that you don't own the evil kitty.'
05 Aug 02:10 - Wolfbane tells you 'I'm never going back to your website again :p'
(Friend) Pesky Lirus: 'I'm officially freaked out... especially after seeing that cat.'
(Friend) Pesky Lirus: 'Not so much that the cat will hurt me, but the fact that creatures that filled with evil can exist.'
(Friend) Pesky Lirus: 'That evil incarnate can reside in a physical body and exist on the same planet...'

07 Aug 12:28 - Sensual Seryna tells you 'Congrats. Your cat pic made my daughter realise not all cats are cute and cuddly. My sister said if her cat looked like that she'd throw it through a window.'
(Friend) Mentalist Finch: 'that cat is the spawn of all that is eeeefil! *cry*'

07 Aug 13:29 - Fiendish tells you 'Evil Demon Kitty is really Wolfbane right after he wakes up in the morning :)'

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