(More quotes to come as soon as you all say something amusing and send it in :P)
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Wisdom from the boss:

(Imm) Lasher: I guess a sign at recall saying "Go down for santa!" could be misinterpreted?

Lasher Tech: give an infinite number of mudders the ability to write an infinite number of notes and eventually one of them will make sense.

(Imm) Lasher: Someone wrote me a personal note that there are lots of places where the mud uses caps that could be changed to lower case to save bandwidth.'

INFO: Their journey having come to an end, Karistanya is put to rest at the hands of Lasher.
(Imm) Lasher: I have a thumprint on my armor, did someone attack me?'

[Newbie] Vahn: what is this muds homepage?
[Newbie] Lasher:
[Newbie] Lasher: hard to get laid with smurfberry breath.

(Gossip) Grumpy Lasher sings, "I was gonna fix the bugs in the mud, but then i got high"

Immortal words:

[Newbie] (3) Riesz: about sex
[Newbie] (Helper) Vladia: Sorry, we don't have a help file for that. :)

[HELPER] Belmont: i would resent being called madam ..
[HELPER] Citron: I don't like being called Sir, either, but I get it all the time :P
[HELPER] Belmont: i *told* you to shave your *beard*.

[Newbie] (2) Eminem: so um, do I get any special treatment since i'm a rap star?
[Newbie] (205) Euphonix: Maybe we can arrange music lessons.

[We ARE working on the idea of a money-trivia. More details to come, unless they don't.]

[Newbie] (10) Cylipso: can someone go to the amusment park and get my corpse from the horror house attendant?
[Newbie] (210) Valkur: i would but.. it is scary to go in there'

(Friend) A pint of Sarlock: 'I'm HEEEE-MAN And I've got the POWER OF GREYSKULL'

(Pray) Ibico: 300 gold
(Pray) The Ruiner: heart mirror
(Pray) Zendalonii: ruiners body
(Pray) Mr. Euphonix: for silence

.:|Wolf|:. Heretic Wolfe : I remember this amputee pornqueen who... Hey, wait! I should be nochanning you lot by now :P

(Joker asks to restring his aardbag to "your ass")
Eye Candy Whisper says 'I don't wanna see joker get something out of "your ass"'
Yummy Belmont says 'Well I worry more about what he would put into it, honestly.'
Fiendish says 'I suppose he could change it to "the orifice" and get away with it.'
Eye Candy Whisper says 'See, there is a word ya don't use much in a normal conversation. So Belmont, how's the orifice?'

From the mouths of babes:

[Newbie] (5) GodSmack: where do i get condoms?

[Newbie] (1) Balagor: all this humming equipment. Can't someone teach them the words
[Newbie] (Helper) DragonLyte: would u really want your pants to be able to talk
[Newbie] [Q] (Helper) IceDragon: I can think of lots of nasty things they might say :P
[Newbie] (1) Thantaris: "Stop poking me with that thing!"

[Newbie] (1) Palanvin: how do i have fun?

But the most wonderful thing about triggers is....

(Friend) Fuzzy Wuff: 'You tell Nuzzle Me Nalixor 'Your weapon glows brightly and decapitates his own penis.''
(Friend) Fuzzy Wuff: '(Friend): Nuzzle Me Nalixor kisses the blade of his trusty weapon formally as he watches the head of his own penis go flying.'

With friends like these:

(Friend) Miesiac Obyron: 'Why you ask? Because I'm friendly and helpful, and if you disagree with me, I'll slit your fucking throat.'

(Friend) Moist Wuff: 'I haven't had oral sex in... weeks'
(Friend) Fallen Wolfe: 'I might point out, Wuff, that oral sex isn't 'talking about it'.''

(Friend) Princess Twinkie: '15 Jan 02:23 - Cage tells you 'can u help me level ?''
(Friend) Princess Twinkie: 'You tell Cage 'I'd rather sodomise a rabid and rather pissed-off donkey while taking tea with the Queen of England in a g-string and triangle-top fuschia bikini.''
(Friend) Princess Twinkie: '15 Jan 02:26 - Cage tells you 'than can u friend me ?''

General Insanity:

(Friend) Miesiac Obyron: 'LE: We don't have one track sex minds. We're just sex very singuler sex in what we sex think sex about :)'

Torasin (Marasgal) tells the CLAN: 'Once I was really pissed off and threw a chair at my computer. I went from really pissed off to worried that I'd hurt my best friend.'

{IMPERIUM} Grunter : I declare war on The Wolf Administration
{IMPERIUM} Grunter : mischann :(
INFO: Grunter is slain by the Wolf Administration.
--Daoine-',{@ Thantaris : I declare war on the cute, harmless little bunny.
INFO: A cute, harmless little bunny kisses Thantaris and ignores his declaration of war.

You (Saphyre) tell your friends: 'I'm bored. Entertain me.'
(Friend) Not an Imm Erikson: 'These three turtles are in a bathtub'
(Friend) Not an Imm Erikson: 'One turtle says to another "Please pass me the soap"'
(Friend) Not an Imm Erikson: 'The other turtle says "What do you think I am, a toaster oven?"'
(Friend) Tech Bloke Danj: 'what did the third turtle do?'

(Friend) Kipper Terrill: 'I'm glad there are no kippers around here.'
(Friend) Kipper Wolfe: 'Nope, no kippers here.'

XenoZeb gossips 'Right guard is not an anti-depressant, even if you inhale the fumes.'

o-}HooK{-o idiot Seuss : I always remember being slightly turned on whenever E. Honda would get knocked out

[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 5 minutes. We will be down for around 30 minutes for move to new server. ]
[ If you're wondering what you'll do for a whole 30 minutes without aard, try masturbation. ]

Erikson quotes 'Umm?! Mating with Saphyre won't make more Saphyres!'
Saphyre quotes 'the trick, of course, would be getting said Saphyre to agree to this.'
Erikson quotes 'I have a cookie.'

Doc gossips 'Xmas is all about Christ seeing his shadow and three more weeks of winter'

INFO: Bremen has been reborn as a floppy-eared bunny.

(Friend) Dark Lady Vladia: 'Wolfie: I'm the type who, when I get a popup saying "There may be pornography on your computer!", doublechecks to make sure it's still there.'

(Friend) We all wuv Torasin: 'Damn, thinking of imms having cyber is still disturbingly close to thinking of my parents having sex.'

Dagro Tech: My mama told me there are 3 kinds of people in the world. 1. Those who can count. 2. And those who can't.

Klaatu (Truthair) tells the CLAN: 'The other day my girlfriend called me a pedophile, and I told her that she was pretty smart. Most other 8 year olds can't pronounce tough words like that.'

[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 5 minutes to do nothing any use at all, this is a reboot just to annoy you. ]
[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 4 minutes and then will come back up and crash a couple of times ]
[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 3 minutes and all the changes will suck. ]
[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 2 minutes. You can now reset your quest time, but your quest will suck after reboot because you'll need keys that someone already stole for a gquest that MIGHT happen in 3 days time ]
[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 1 minute. After reboot auction will be unusable for 5 hours because I'll forget, yet again, to re-enable it ]
Btw, please quit.