You catch a quick movement in the corner of your eye, and turn to see what it was...

The 'Jewel of the Night'

You see a tiny sprite,
half hidden in the shadows.
Her dark curls cascade
down her back,
contrasting with
the shimmer of her
gossamer wings.
She peers back at
you with a hint of a
smile on her lips,
and her blue-grey eyes
sparkle with mischief as
she beckons you to follow.

You turn away for just a
moment, and when you
turn back, she has
disappeared into the shadows...

Based on "Irreverent" by Meilin Wong

...and you are left to wonder if you even saw her at all. Just a dream?

A few minor details about Saphyre

Race: Sprite
Primary class: Psionicist
Current class: Cleric
Current level range: 50-100, 3rd mort
Likes: kittens, cookies, nice people
Dislikes: idiots, Nine Hells quests, mean people
Residence: A cavern in Aard Estates 2000
Clan: Daoine Sidhe
Favorite Quote: "Mew?"

A water sprite, Saphyre is quite at home in her cavern, where a high waterfall drops into the center of a large lake. Judging from the blue stones covering the walls, this was once a sapphire mine.
She shares this home with her pet kitten, Lapis. Lapis is very special as he is the only known kitten with bright blue fur. He's exceptionally demanding, and frequently sends Saphyre on various quests. Plans are currently in development to build Lapis his own room in the cavern, complete with fluffy pillows and millions of toy mice.
Saphyre was recently forced (much against her will, of course) to marry the evil fae, Obyron. Her fellow faekin had hoped she might be able to tame this fierce creature, but it seems that she is being corrupted by him instead....
She would be happy to answer any questions you might have about her, and (being a modern sprite) can be reached by e-mail.

If you're one of those folks who's interested in the player behind the character, you can learn more about me at my website,

The Lives and Loves of LunaMeow

A note about the images on this page: These are adaptations of the work of Meilin Wong, a truly amazing artist. The original image is absolutely stunning, but it didn't fit my character's description, so I made a few slight changes. You can find the original "Irreverent" and other incredible artwork at Meilin's site.