The daylight dies, the darkness grows,
and colors fade to black
and everything within me knows,
I'll not be coming back.
All things change, but self remains,
and life will still go on.
In every loss there hides a gain,
which holds the hope of dawn.
Grieve, then, for the loss of light,
for things which can not be...
but embrace the darkness of the night,
for all it lets you see.

Welcome to my home page. You'll find pretty much everything you ever wanted
to know about me here, and probably a lot of stuff you don't want to know. Yes, I know
it's conceited for me to have an entire site devoted pretty much to me me ME, but
hey... it's MY site, after all. Besides, if you ended up here, chances are you wanted
more info on me or my poetry or my cats or something anyhow.
This also happens to be the home of one of the most beastly things I've ever seen,
the infamous Fuglycat! (see disclaimer below) Enjoy!

A word about the poem:
For those who like to analyze poetry and figure out what the poet is
trying to say, let me make this one easy for you.
Quite simply, it means accept and celebrate life for what it is,
not for what you would have it be. It's fine to mourn the "what ifs"
and "might have beens" but we need to realize there's still a whole world
out there, no matter what small part of it we may have lost.

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