the silver moon looks down from
her place in the violet night sky,
as the earth spins around the sun.
another night draws to a close
as another year quietly slips by.

I think of my promise last year, and how
I thought, this time, I had it figured out.
a resolution I couldn't possibly break,
so strong it was in its simplicity.
"this year," I said, "I resolve to be happy."

though, I suppose success or failure
depends upon the point of view.
after all, I didn't specify for how long.
and there were moments,
fleeting though they may have been,
and I lock them safely away to take
out and sift through some night when
I'm feeling more nostalgic.

but tonight, I simply close my eyes as a
single snowflake lands on the tip of my nose,
and I consider the coming months as I decide
which resolutions to break this year.

(a kiss at midnight, 2001)