(and various bits of art)

I've recently started drawing again after a 15-year hiatus.
Here are a few sketches I've done. Click on the title to view a sketch.

Sketch of a random cat (not Cheese)

Wolf in color

Ophelia in pencil

Murabi in the Sun

Here are a select few of my attempts at poetry. Click on the title to read them.
(Be sure to check back once in a while, as I do occasionally add new work and/or rewrite old work.)
Other recent poetry can be found at
The Bards of Aardwolf website. Check under "Kittenbane"...

I am.

to dream in color

a kiss at midnight


Promises of a Fallen Angel

On the Passage of Time

reflection on the water

forever in a moment


Luna's Dream

The Nighttime of Souls


(not a link to my homepage, it's a poem called 'home')

Once Upon A Time

My Story


Here's the deal... some of these are copyrighted, some aren't... but what it
really comes down to is this: if you are so completely untalented that you
need to steal another writer's work and claim it as your own, you really suck...
both as an artist, and as a human being.

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