Sitting and watching the people pass by,

I notice no one looks me in the eye.

All of them different, yet somehow the same;

All of them playing society's game.

We're trained from birth like rats in a maze,

Our thinking too clouded to see through the haze.

We're told how to dress, how to act, how to walk,

Trained when to speak and when not to talk.

We're told whom to love, whom to fear, whom to hate.

We're taught how to hurry, then told we must wait.

They teach us to kill and to harm and to fight,

Hell, they even tell us what's wrong and what's right.

Well, I've given up on society's game,

I am a person, and not just a name.

And maybe one day, as you're passing me by,

You'll notice I will look you in the eye.


(Rat-race, 1994)