standing on the shore,
not quite hand-in-hand.

we do not belong anymore;
not to this place,
not to each other.

the waves crashing around our feet,
I look at you
looking at me.
I see the longing
and ask myself
if we had come here a year ago
(as we so often said we would,
and somehow never did),
would anything be different now?

I want to take you into my arms
and hold you close,
if only to take away the pain.
I want to look into your eyes
and whisper to you
that everything will be fine.

but this isn't a movie,
and there is no fairytale happy ending.

one last glance at the water,
and I turn back to where you
stand behind me.
we make our way back up the beach
in quiet reflection.

the waves take our footprints
back into the ocean;
we won't return to leave them again


(reflection on the water, 2000)