The world calls me and I go,

Wondering if I shall ever return.

Don't get me wrong, I like where I am...

But only for a little while.

There's so much to see,

And even more to learn,

And you can't find anything

When you stay in one place.

My resumè? Yeah, it looks like hell.

But what can you learn

When you spend your entire life

Sitting behind a desk or

Serving up a pizza?

Yeah, you can say I'm not dependable,

But any one of my friends

Would tell you differently.

And even if I'm not entirely reliable...

I'm interesting.

I may talk a lot, but it's only because

There's so much to tell!

At my young age, I've seen and done

So many things, and there's still

So much left to do!

And I've learned a lot of fascinating

Little tidbits, facts that are only

Useless if they're not shared.

So I talk a lot.

Sometimes people listen,

More often than not, they don't.

But when we part, I know

I will not be forgotten.

(My Story, 1994)