Just one moment more, I beg,
Entrust your mind to me.
Throughout time I'll lead you,
And throughout eternity.
We'll travel to those places which
Are still untouched by light,
And I'll lead you to the secret place
Where shadows hide at night.
-Faerie Tale (1993)

A little bit about me.. I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on October 5, in 1973.. for
those who care about astrology, that makes me a Libra. I grew up in Missouri and have
recently returned to the beautiful city of St. Louis with my best friend, Michael.
I have also lived in Kansas, California, and Virginia.

I guess the biggest news at the moment is that I'm getting married!
I met a wonderful man online (of all places). His name is Dave, and
he lives in England until we can sort out the immigration paperwork. For
pictures of Dave, click here, and for a picture of
the ring, click here.
Whee! Finally, a (better) picture of us together... click here!

I have six sisters and four brothers, and I'm the youngest of the girls and the
second-youngest overall. I'm the daughter of a retired carpenter and a retired nurse,
both really great people. Mom also has her own store now, and is online!
If you'd like to browse her shop, check out Ellen's Gifts and Crafts.
For pictures of a couple of my family members, click here.

I love cats, and I have two of them.. Murabi is four years old, and is a small black
female.. Cheese is my newest "kitten", a bit over a year old. For those who know
cat breeds, Mur is an American Shorthair, and Cheese is a Siamese/Burmese mix. We've also recently aquired Ophelia, a grey tabby shorthair. She's more Dave's cat, though. Up
until recently, I had a two other cats, another two year old black female, named Kitochka
(she escaped from her carrier and ran away), and 20+ pound tabby named
Charlie, who died in 2001. You can learn more about my cats find
some interesting links on my cats page.

My interests are very broad, and include psychology and human behavior, computers,
theatre, art, and literature (I especially like poetry; the poem above and the one on the home
page are mine and more can be found by clicking the Poetry & Art link below). I also like to
sing, though I try to spare others by only doing so when I'm alone.

Here's a nifty picture of me:

This is me...if you don't have your graphics enabled, don't worry, you aren't missing much.

Not exactly the looks of your average centerfold, but fortunately, not quite the
intelligence range, either. (Just kidding!) I consider myself to be reasonably attractive,
just like the rest of the beautiful women in my family... of course, that's just my opinion.
I also have a tattoo on my right ankle, but since not everyone
cares for them, you'll have to click on the links to see them.
If you're a real glutton for punishment, you can click here for a
whole page of nothing but me (recently updated a bit).

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